About Anita

I’m an intuitive mixed media artist from Warwickshire, United Kingdom.

My work is inspired by the natural world and by my response to it.

Mixed media artist Anita Daffern basking in the beautiful local woodlands.

When I’m not in the studio, I can be found wandering in the fields and woodlands surrounding my cottage. Daily walks with the dog provide endless inspiration: swathes of buttercups or bluebells, raindrops caught in a cobweb, or the texture of bark. All of these are eventually translated into paint.

This planet is so beautiful and my art is a celebration of it, so I try to reuse and repurpose objects, both within the art and as part of the process. I’m passionate about recycling and sustainability, and try to re-use as many items in my art that would otherwise be destined for the bin. Some art materials include: fast-food packaging, parcel packaging, lids, bubble-wrap, cardboard, and plastic waste.

My Art Process

I start by choosing a limited colour palette, then jump in by making marks with no preconceived idea of an end result. I keep layering until inspiration strikes and an image starts to form.

I love to play with combining different media, building layers, then scratching back to reveal what lies below. In this way, I achieve the textural, abstract effect which I love.

Most often, I work totally intuitively, with no fixed idea of what I want to create. I’ll react to the sounds and sensations around me, the music I’m listening to, or my own thoughts and feelings.

A painting of pink and white carnations in an abstract pale vase. The background features dark and purples tones.
A self-portrait of Anita Daffern climbing on stacked rocks in Dartmoor. The sky is visible behind, blue with puffy clouds.

Other times, I have an idea. A moment or sensation that I want to capture, and that idea is what I explore.

My paintings are colourful, expressive, and often abstract with a playful element.